Porch Parties

Monthly Porch Party!

Porch Parties are open to everyone who lives in COPNA as well as guests and are a great way to meet your neighbors. Please bring something you enjoy eating and sharing, but don’t stress over it! If you want an alcoholic beverage, please bring your own. There are typically no porch parties during the hottest months.

Upcoming Porch Parties:

September: Brent and Melissa
October: Melissa Gwinn @ Cardio Sport Studio
November: John D. 
Dec: Xmas Block Party
Jan: COPNA Hosting Shuffle Board Night
Feb: Steven & Amanda
May: Jessica Lembach

Porch parties are typically on the 2nd Friday of the month. For specific dates, see our COPNA Calendar.

For more information, please email our Events Chair, [email protected].